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Creating a serverless application with Powershell: Introduction

Welcome, fellow IT pro. You have found the blog series describing how you can create a serverless application infrastructure with Powershell.

If you consider your self being a ‘modern it pro’, you frequently solve complex tasks and automate your work using code. You know what Git is and have heard people talk about continuous integration. If you can relate, let’s label you a ‘modern it pro’.

When I develop solutions that challenge my knowledge, I often seek advice from our developers. (You know, those who are employed to ‘GIT commit’?) Usually they can share some light on the issue and point me in the right direction.
By developing our own solutions, we have a working proof-of-concept to handover to our developers when things grow too big or complex.

The original challenge

The challenge or scope for my POC was to streamline creation of Azure tenants for our customers. We required to create a tenant, assign subscriptions and do some configuration within Azure AD. Many of these steps was already solved with various scripts, but it is time to consolidate and automate the automation. We decided that we wanted to learn more around the integration and ‘serverless’ PAAS offerings available in Azure.
For the purpose of this blog series we are going to build a new application using the same techniques, in a smaller scale. To create our serverless application infrastructure, we make use of the following Azure offerings:

Pizza ordering

I bet you have worked a fair amount of overtime in your career, therefore eaten a lot of pizza as well. Let’s try to build a simple pizza order and delivery process using Event Grid as integration layer and multiple Azure Functions to process the order.

We will break the pizza order and delivery process in to the following steps:

  1. Customer creates/orders a pizza online
  2. Send orderdata to event grid
  3. Azure function subscribe to the “new order” event
  4. Create a new event when pizza is in oven
  5. Post new event when pizza is cooked and ready for delivery
  6. Create a new event when pizza is sent to customer.

Parts in this blog series

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