Day Two Cloud Podcast

Day Two Cloud is a podcast by Ned Bellavance. This podcast series is about what happens in the real world. Behind all the hype and buzzwords, what do hyper-scale and public cloud require?

In Day Two Cloud, Ned talks to people in the industry which have a story to share. Like what happened after successful cloud migration. Did everything work as you planned, or have you redesigned your whole project?

Digital Transformation Is More Than Just Cloud Migration

I was lucky to be invited as a guest in episode seven, where we talk about Digital transformation strategy in startups, government-owned, and larger organizations. What are their similarities and differences? What do they need help with, managing a public cloud?
The episode starts off by being fairly technical, but suddenly the conversation goes in a completely different and interesting direction. When we touch upon the human aspects of digital transformation.

Day Two Cloud is available on Packet Pushers and iTunes

Speaking at Microsoft Tech Summit Oslo

Microsoft Tech Summit is arriving in Oslo December 6 2018.
I am so lucky that I will have a talk on how you can leverage Azure serverless offerings to automate your business processes. All using your existing Ops skills.

The cloud as the established foundation allows the real transformative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence start to transform the way we live and work. The Microsoft Tech summit is your key for inspiration, matching your innovative app ideas with the latest evolution of the Microsoft Cloud platform, also supporting Open Source solutions.

Read more and sign up

Speaking at SCOM Dagen 2018

I am speaking on SCOM dagen 2018 which this year focuses on multi cloud, on premises and hybrid monitoring using Azure and SCOM.

The event focuses on how organisations can leverage new technology, and use their existing systems to become a better IT organisation. SCOM day is hosted by

My talk will scratch the surface on custom management pack development. Custom MP developement is used by service providers and larger organizations to gain better visibility in multi and hybrid cloud scenarios.

The event will also feature much more seasoned presenters like Thomas Maurer and Marcel Zehner

Hopefully I see you at SCOM dagen 2018 in Gothenburg

Microsoft Ignite 2018 announcements and news

Microsoft Ignite is Microsofts largest conference focusing on the new industry trends and technology from Microsoft and their partners. You can read more about Ignite here

The conference kicked off with Satya Nadella in the Monday morning keynote. From my personal perspective, this was a more down to earth keynote than previous ignite,  with customer stories that you actually believe exists. Microsoft, SAP, and Adobe are lauching a new open data initiative letting customers create richer common data models for your next generation applications.
At the end, Satya announced a new initiative that enabeles humanitarian and non profit organization with AI technology.

Where Satya’s commercial keynote might come off as a tad boring for the IT pros and developers. We got all the news and announcements in  the technical keynote hosted by Scott Guthrie and Julia White. Later in the day, VP Corey Sanders hosted what came off as the infrastructure keynote, and it was quite the show, a lot of demo’s going a little deeper in to the announcements mentioned earlier in the morning.

You will find a complete list of announcements from Microsoft Ignite in the book of news.

Below I have list on the announcements that I personally find interesting. I will make sure to update throughout the week, when I come across something new.

Azure Infrastructure

Azure Management

  • Azure blueprints.
    Azure blueprints is essentially your ARM template for deploying new subscriptions. It let’s you define policys, resources that you want to deploy as your baseline.

    Even if i see this as big news, I feel like there are a few competitive solutions for this. Azure Deployment manager being one of them
    Please let me know what i don’t understand.
  • Azure Resource Graph
    Querying at scale for your resources.

Integration and automation (dev)

  • Azure Functions v2.0 generally available
    Containerized and supposedly 50% faster compared to v1 functions
  • Event Grid
    A few features around filtering and event life time.
  • Logic App in Visual studio code
  • Azure Data Explorer
    This is the PaaS offering for querying and analyzing large data sets. It’s the same technology that is used in Application insights and Log Analytics

Azure Monitor

  • Azure Monitor is generally available
  • Custom Metrics
    To provide unified monitoring. Azure Monitor now supports custom metrics and custom events
  • Azure Monitor for resource groups
    I love this. Now we can define monitoring at the resource group level and enable ‘application status’ monitoring based on all resources within the group. Probably doing a separate post on this.
  • Azure Monitor for Azure VMs
    Enables guest operating system monitoring
    This is where it begins to look like SCOM – see this tweet from Kevin Green. I’m gonna get some more information on this later.
  • Alerts can now be added based on resource type
  • Azure Active Directory Logs in Azure monitor

Operations Manager (SCOM)

  • SCOM 2019 and 1901 are announced for Q1 2019
  • A revised HTML5 dashboard
  • Customizable email notfication (HTML)
  • New alert management capabilities
  • SquaredUp management pack tuning
    This one is great for all SCOM admins. Expect a dedicated post later.


In other news..


The message about moving all workloads to Azure is still there, but the tone has shiftes slightly from previous years, and for the time being, the hybrid model is an acceptable solution.
I know that American companies are the base of Azure customers. And based on the pitch we get, it feels like these companies are running physical servers under their desks. This is not the case in other parts of the world and if you are virtualized on premises and your hardware is up to speed. I don’t think migrating VMs as is (lift and shift) is the correct path…

Meetup: Azure Serverless Morning Aug. 29th

On August 29th 8AM CET it’s time for Serverless Morning hosted by Azure User Group Norway.

Together with two experienced Microsoft MVPS, Jan-Egil Ring and Anders Eide we will try to cover as much as possible on Microsoft’s serverless offerings.

I’m really looking forward to speak in this user group. This event is for everyone who’s interested in automation technology. CEO, Marketing, Dev or Ops you’re all welcome