Speaking at NIC 2018

Just when I was about to log off for Christmas a much appreciated email arrived.

I am proud to announce that my colleague Rudi Martinsen and I will speak at NIC 2018. We will exit our comfort zone and take you on a journey exploring modern Web APIs using Powershell.

The conference is packed with top speakers like Marcel Zehner, Damien Flynn, Sami Laiho who keeps the slide decks to a minumum.

About Nordic Infrastructure Conference

Welcome to the 7th edition of NIC, a conference dedicated to driving technical IT best practice across IT Professionals and IT Decision Makers who want to learn from the best speakers in the world.

NIC – Future Now, will make sure you have the knowledge to make decisions for the Future – today!

Whether you’re an IT-Professional or a CxO with responsibilities for IT planning, NIC will help you make the decisions that is right for you; automated and secured with focus on the present and the future. Find out what Cloud best suit your needs, or maybe multiple Clouds will be your choice.

The seventh edition of Nordic Infrastructure Conference is held in Oslo, Norway January 31. to February 2. 2018

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