Clone a VM with OpsMgr agent

Just a short post, and a reminder to my self.

From time to time, you will need to clone a virtual machine, and put this clone in to production. So you Clone, you sysprep, change all it’s configuration and add it back to the domain. So what happens to the OpsMgr agent part of all this?

For the first, you will have a new agent/computer available in your console with the new name. But this agent won’t be able to download any configuration. This is shown by this alert: “Health Service unable to process new configuration” and the agent state for this computer will be shown as critical

If you experience this, you could uninstall the agent, delete it from the console and install everything again, but. What you also could do,

MMC > Certificates > Local Computer > Operations Manager – The certificate is issued to the old computer (yes of course, it is a clone). So instead of uninstall, just stop the healthservice.exe (Microsoft Monitoring Agent), delete the certificate and start the agent back up. And everything should be working as expected.

And next time, uninstall the agent on the clone 🙂

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