Preview of system center 1801 for SCOM Operations Manager

System Center 1801 preview release

Update February 8 2018:

Microsoft released system Center 1801 today. Read more here

Today, Microsoft annouced that a preview of the next System Center realease (1801) is available for download. This is a preview of the upcoming version, scheduled for Q1 2018. The key focus points for 1801 was announced at Ignite and includes.

  • Support for Windows Server version 1709: Support for the latest version of Windows Server with host monitoring, host management, configuration of encrypted SDN virtual network, Shielded Linux VMs on Hyper-V management, and backup capabilities.
  • Support for additional Windows Server 2016 features in Virtual Machine Manager: Now customers can setup nested virtualization, software load balancer configuration, Storage QoS configuration and policy settings, and migrate VMware UEFI VM to Hyper-V VM.
  • Linux monitoring in Operations Manager: Customers can now realize granular log file monitoring in Linux using a customizable FluentD-based Linux agent. Linux log file monitoring is now at par with that of Windows Server.
  • Improved web console experience in Operations Manager: The SCOM web console has been moved completely to HTML5 with support for all browsers, out-of-the-box widgets, and widget customization.
  • Updates and recommendations for third-party Management Packs: We released the MP Updates and Recommendations feature in System Center 2016. This has been expanded now to support the discovery and update of third-party MPs.
  • Faster, cost-effective VMware backup: Using our Modern Backup Storage technology in Data Protection Manager, customers can backup VMware VMs faster and cut storage costs by up to 50%.
  • In Operations Manager:
    • Improvements to Linux MPs
    • Linux Kerberos support
    • Improvements to Windows Server OS MP
    • One setup for all languages
    • Improved UI responsiveness with large number MPs
    • Visual Studio 2017 support in VSAE
  • In Virtual Machine Manager:
    • SLB Guest cluster floating IP support
    • Storage QoS at VMM Cloud
    • Storage QoS extended to SAN storage
    • Remote to VMs in Enhanced Session mode
    • Seamless update of non-domain host agent
    • Support for fallback HGS for Shielded VM
    • Host Refresher made up to 10X faster

Read the full announcement of the preview here, and the new release cadence for more information.

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  • wangkanai

    Has SCVMM 1801 release yet

    1. Martin Ehrnst

      No, nothing yet. I’ll update as soon as I get any information

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