Authenticate against Micrsoft Partner Center API using Powershell

If you’re not familiar with the Microsoft Cloud Service Provider program it’s in short a program to easier let service providers manage their customers tenants and subscriptions within Azure and Office 365 from a centralized platform.

Apart from a very limited web portal it have a set of API’s and SDK’s to build your own solutions – wich I assume is prefered from Microsoft and the service provider. For a project I needed to authenticate against the REST API using Powershell and then retrieve some information about each tenant, who would have thought that could be so much work

Here’s what I said.

That’s fine, I will have it to you in an hour.

For your reference, this is the API I am working with: Partner Center Swagger

An hour later I did have authentication in place, but I was unable to retrieve any information from our customers. After digging through the documentation I found that the customer endpoints required “App + User Authentication” where I had only authenticated with AppId and App Secret.

After spending too much time decifer the C# examples on how you authenticate with app and user against the CSP Rest API i finally had a working Powershell function.

These are the steps required

  • Generate a token from Azure AD by calling
    • Specified with the resource you want to access (partner center api), client id, username and password, correct grant type and scope
  • Use the AAD token to authenticate against partnercenter/generatetoken and recieve a correct User + App jwt_token
  • Use the jwt token to further authenticate against endpoints you preffer

If you ever find your self in a situation where you need to authenticate against the CSP REST API as app + user, here is a function to do it.

Be aware that the function does require a credential object, but when you atuhenticate against AAD the password is decoded and sent in the post request.

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